12 Easy DIY Crafts To Make And Sell


If you are feeling stuck and need some crafty inspirations, here are 12 easy crafts to make and sell locally or online. People love crafts, so make it with a bit of love and you should have no problem selling them.

With each craft idea, make sure you test it out before making a huge batch. You want to be making money, not wasting it but creating something that people may not be looking for.


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1. Summer Knotted Necklace DIY Craft Tutorial

Summer knotted necklaces are very easy to make and they look absolutely awesome. You can play with bead sizes, types, colors to come up with something everyone will love!




2. Beaded Bracelet DIY Tutorial

This tutorial is so easy, but look at how amazing these bracelets come out! Make sure to follow all of the steps in the video below to get the beads to lay down the right way.



3. DIY Christmas Candles

These candles are completely adorable. Check out the tutorial to see how to quickly makes these!  With this tutorial you don’t even have to make your own candle (unless of course you want to).


Christmas Candles Craft DIY Tutorial

Christmas Candles DIY Crafts Full Tutorial

4. Resin DIY Domino Pendant

People love handmade pendants! You can vary the image that you use for your pendants, they can be floral, geometric, have characters, and more. Although here they are using a domino, you can also use a scrabble tile or any wooden tiles made for these kind of pendants.

domino resin pendant diy

DIY Resin Domino Pendant Full Tutorial

5. Resin In Silver Plated Rings And Pewter Pendant Trays

Here is another way to use resin. Instead of using a tile of some sort to add an image to, here you will be using trays to place your image into and then cover them with resin. Always remember to coat your paper with Mod Podge (or similar products) so that resin does not get into the fibers.

6. Cupcake Candles

Don’t these look absolutely adorable?? You can change up colors, put different types of sprinkles on them and even add different scents such as chocolate, vanilla, birthday cake, etc.


7. Kids’ Superhero Masks

Today superhero are all the craze! Boy and girls alike LOVE superheroes in tv shoes and movies. They also love pretend to be superheroes. With just a little sewing skill, you can create these awesome masks. Feel free to change things up to make it your own.


DIY superhero mask craft tutorial

Superhero Masks DIY Full Tutorial

8. Superhero Capes For Kids

Going with the same theme as the last one, you can craft these adorable superhero capes for kids! You can sell them individually or as a set with a mask. Superhero capes can have generic shapes like stars or lightning, or you can actually sell superhero logos such as Batman, Ironman, Black Widow, PJ Masks and others.

Superhero Cape And Logo Craft DIY Tutorial

Superhero Cape And Logo Craft DIY Full Tutorial

Note: when you are selling an official logo on Etsy, you have to make a statement that you do not any rights to that logo. You can take a look at how others have phrased their statement by looking at already existing product postings on Etsy.

For example: All images and symbols are the property of their respective owners. They are not being sold. You are paying for the cost of materials, as well as our time and expertise!

9. Adorable Baby Headband

People love to buy baby stuff (even if they already have plenty.) You can use different types of bands such as elastic, crochet, ribbon as well as different types of decorations, flowers, beads, cartoon characters, buttons, and more. Take a look at this simple DIY felt flower baby headband tutorial.


10. DIY Lip Balm

Everyone loves lip balm! There are so many variations not only of the flavors, but also of the containers lip balm can come in. You can even use necklace lockets to put your lip balm into so your customers can wear it around their necks!


Coconut Rose Lip Balm Craft DIY Tutorial and Recipe

Coconut Rose Lip Balm Craft DIY Tutorial and Recipe

11. Homemade Soaps

This one will take a little longer, but making soaps is actually very easy. Everyone likes to lather themselves with a delicious pretty soap. If you look around Pinterest or even Etsy, you can get some ideas on what types of soaps people really like. The fun part is using different soap molds to make awesome soap! For more ideas check out this Soap Making Book.

12. Make Up Bags And Pouches

Ok, this one sounds complicated, but it really isn’t! Anyone can make this, simply follow the tutorial below. Have fun playing with different fabrics. Some people may want a pouch for kids toys, others may want it for the make up; so be sure to customize the colors and designs for your specific audience.


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