30 ideas for a youtube channel


Are you excited to start you a YouTube channel, but not quite sure what kind of video content to add to your channel? Our biggest advice is to make videos about what you love. Sometimes combining two different types of hobbies into one channel can work well too. Keep in mind that to increase your viewers, you will need to engage everyone with both types of content.

Good example: makeup how-to videos can go well with beauty tips or even makeup DIY tutorials. Bad example: video gaming videos with beauty tips.   Below are 25 ideas for a YouTube channel to inspire you.

30 Ideas For A YouTube Channel

1. DIY Crafts Videos

2. DIY Make up Videos

3. DIY Home Organization and Decoration Videos

4. How to Home Business Videos

5. How To Organization Videos

6. How To Parenting Videos

7. Music Tutorials

8. Movie Review Videos

9. Movie Parody Videos

10. Toy Unboxing Videos

11. Makeup Unboxing Videos

12. Electronics Unboxing Videos

13. Clothings/Accessories Unboxing Videos

14. Funny Videos

15. Prank Videos

16. Video Gaming Walk Through Videos

17. Cooking Videos

18. Recipe Videos

19. Educational Videos For Adults

20. Educational Videos For Kids

21. Drawing Tutorial Videos

22. Coloring Videos

23. Outdoor Tips Videos

24. How To Use Different Software Videos (example Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

25. Reaction Videos (Trailer, Games, Movies, etc)

26. Vlogs

27. Q&A Videos

28. Challenges Videos

29. Giveaways Videos

30. Recent Events Videos


Need more ideas? Check this cool YouTube Idea Generator. Simply type in a word and see what type of videos are already on youtube.