7 Ways To Make Money From Home For Moms Within A Week


Before delivering my first baby, I knew that I would only get 6 weeks at home with her. This is when I started looking for ways to make money from home for moms.

Although I didn’t get to fulfill my wish at that time and had to go back to work heartbroken because I was away from my little bundle, I definitely learned a lot during my research.

Today, I no longer worry about being away from my kids or missing out on their special moments. I no longer have to drive an hour away and waste my money on overpriced gas just to get to work. As I watch and partake in my children’s (now there are two) lives throughout the day, I feel blessed that I found a way to create an income from home.

In this article, I will share some ideas that you can also implement into your lives right away. How soon you get paid depends how fast you go about researching and performing the job. Even though some of the jobs may require licenses, variations of them are license exempt.

1. Sell DIY Crafts On Etsy Or Ebay

Many moms sell DIY Crafts on website like Etsy or Ebay. Etsy mostly allows handmade products, while on Ebay you can sell handmade and regular items. The key with Ebay is to buy low and sell high so that you can make a profit.

Recently I wrote an article about selling items on Etsy, you can check it out here: 5 Easy Things To Make And Sell On Etsy For Moms

The sooner you can go to Etsy’s website and create an account, the sooner you can start selling your goods. Many of the items to sell on Etsy or Ebay do not take that long to make. If you need money quickly, then you can choose a product that takes just a few minutes to a few hours to make.


2. Create A Daycare At Your Home

Taking on a few kids besides your own can bring about a good income stream. If you are babysitting your friend’s kids, you may not need a certification, but if you actually run a daycare, make sure to follow all of the local regulations. Such regulations may include the side of the area, adult to child ratio, food menus and more. Always check with your state regulations as they may greatly vary from state to state.

You may want to check out these links for more info:

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The first step you have to take is find out if any of your friends or family need a babysitter; this can be quickly done on Facebook or other social media. You may have a job within days.


3. Set Up A Photography Studio

Are you a great photographer? If so, why not earn an income by doing what you love! You can have an in-home studio or you can set up appointments where a photographer is needed. Some ideas may be newborn photography, wedding photography, local newspaper photography, or just family and friends who are willing to pay.


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Although a full studio may take a while to build because you may need to get photography props, getting the word out is very easy through social media. In many cases people will ask you to go to their location to take photographs. This means that you can earn extra income as soon as you find your customers.


4. Provide Care For Fur Babies

Do you love pets? People are paying a lot of money for someone to take care of their beloved fur babies. You can charge anywhere from $55 to $150 per day per dog (depending on the dog and where you live) and about $45-65 per cat (or you can charge an hourly pay such as $10-15/hour. Some pet care providers only walk the pets, which can be anywhere form $5 to $20 per walk.

You can start with petsitting your friends’ and family’s pets, but to earn more income, you can sign up with Care.com as a caregiver.

This option can also can pay you within days, like with other home business opportunities, spread the word to land a new job within a week.

5. Sell Baked Goodness

If you are a great chef, then you can sell your yummy goodies! Everyone loves cupcakes! You can start small and work out of your kitchen completing a few orders at first. As your business grows you can open up a bakery or sell your goods to local mom and pop shops so they can sell them for you. You can also make a name for yourself by grabbing a booth at a local fair and passing out flyers to future customers.

Check with your state if it has any food regulations and if you need a license or permission to see baked goods from home.

To get local attention and earn some income fast, tell you friends and family. Next, print out some fliers and post them around your town. Many places like coffee shops and even malls have advertising boards where you can pin your fliers to.


6. Tutor Students From Home

Are you great at any subject matter? Whether it’s math or piano, you can take on a few students to tutor at your home. You can find local kids to tutor through word of mouth, or you can also utilize Care.com to find people who are looking for a tutor.

Most tutors charge about $10-$50/hour depending on the type and the child’s needs.

Just like the other opportunities, the sooner you spread the word, the sooner you will get paid from tutoring.

7. Earn An Income Online

Last but not least, if you have access to the internet and a computer, then you can earn an income online. There are many things you can do online such as blogging, making YouTube Videos, selling graphic designs and more.

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Making income online can take a while, but if you do it the right way, you can be earning extra cash within a week with certain online jobs.


Hope that these 7 ways to make money from home for moms helped you figure out what you can do to earn an income. Which ideas stood out the most? Share below: