Amazon Affiliate Percentage Payout Schedule Charts


Are you thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate or already advertising their products on your website? Before you write another article or post another product, check out these charts.


Amazon Affiliate Advertising Fee Rates

A lot of people don’t make much money being an Amazon affiliate simply because they do not advertise the right product types. For example, if you take a look below, video game console products will always pay you 1% fee rate, while Amazon Fire TV and Echo will always pay you 7% fee rate.

Before advertising, make sure to take a look at this chart so you know which products will pay you more for your time. Now, we are not saying that you should not advertise video game consoles (since you can include it into your overall Amazon affiliate plan.)

Amazon affiliate advertising fee rates


Amazon Affiliate Volume Based Advertising Fee Rates

Amazon pays out different percentages based on how much product is purchased through your link. The more you sell per month, the higher the affiliate percentage goes. This payout percentage is reset at the beginning of each month, so you start with the lowest rate and have to see more products to increase it.

For example: Let’s say you drive traffic to a video game console product and only get 1% rate, but the same person buys 3 other products through your link. Now, your overall sales number is increased, which means your overall payout rated on non-fixed products will also increase.

Take a look at the chart below:

amazon affiliate volume_rates_table

Every month Amazon affiliate start with a 4% commission on non-fixed products. Once you’ve sold 6 products through your link, the rate goes up to 6%. This is a great bump in a commission rate (especially on high ticket products.) After 6%, you will need to sell a lot more items to get the next raise in your commission.

If you are just starting with Amazon, then you may not see your commission rates increase at first. Once you’ve added plenty of blog posts and have higher traffic to your website, then, it might be possible to increase your rates to 7% and even 8%.

Learn How To Drive Higher Traffic To Your Website

Always check the rates, as they change pretty often. Amazon usually sends out an email with updates. Go directly to Amazon affiliate percentage schedule charts.

Let is know below: How much are you currently earning with Amazon and what is your goal?