Why an amazon affiliate store builder theme or plugin will fail you


Are you an Amazon affiliate or would like to become one. If so, you may come across many themes and plugins for your website that automatically build an Amazon store.

Most of these themes and plugins cost some money and promise a great return on investment. One upon a time, when I was new to earning money online, I invested in such software. Fast forward a few year, I can now tell you from experience that Amazon affiliate store builder themes and plugins do not work….

Keep reading to find out why such software will fail to create you an income and how you can actually make money with these types of stores (hint… you need to put work into it.)…


What Is An Amazon Affiliate Builder Theme Or Plugin

An Amazon Affiliate Builder theme or plugin is a piece of software that can quickly turn your new and empty website into a beautiful (in most cases) store.

This software typically can add hundreds of products (pages) to your website, usually is customizable, has pretty Amazon buttons so your readers can purchase straight on your side (only to complete a transaction on the actual Amazon website.)

You may have even purchased something yourself from such sites. An Amazon Affiliate Builder Software creates a legit store and people trust Amazon. In theory, this sound great and should would perfectly to bring about huge success and fill your pockets.

Why An Amazon Affiliate Store Builder Software Will Fail You

Although these types of stores sound amazing at first look, there are a number of reasons why you will make 0 dollars after investing into an Amazon affiliate builder theme or plugin.

1. Most Amazon affiliate store builders copy information straigth from Amazon

It’s very easy to set up a full website and be running within hours. The problem is, all of the information on your website will match the information on Amazon website. This means that Google will not rank you very well and you will never see any organic traffic (which is the best traffic.)

2. Most Amazon store builders do not choose products wisely

In most cases, an automated program picks a bunch of products with some specifications such as a star rating, a number of reviews, etc. What ends up happening when a website is quickly thrown together is your website might end up advertising products that are not the best. When someone searches for something online, they want their questions answered, they want to see the best product that will solve their particular problem.

3. Faster doesn’t mean better

The reason why most people look into an Amazon affiliate builder type of software is because they want something done quick. The greatest lesson in life is anything that is worth something requires work. Customers will quickly leave website that are quickly thrown together and do not offer them any extra information.


How To Make An Amazon Affiliate Builder Sofware Work For You

Now that we’ve discussed all of the cons to most Amazon builder websites, let’s talk how you can still utilize such software and create an income.

1. Be Picky With Your Products

Since most Amazon affiliate builders allow you to pick out products manually, make sure to take this options and carefully pick only the best products for your audience. Yes, this will take longer to set up your store, but in the end, the pay off will be higher.

2. Focus on SEO

You’ve probably heard the term SEO (Search Enfine Optimization) before. This simply means that you are optimizing your keywords, length of text, headings, and more to please Google and other search engines. Once again, you will need to do some research and take longer with each product posting, but you will be able to get organic traffic from search engines.


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3. Rewrite your product description and other content

Lastly, do not rely on same old description that most Amazon store builders will quickly create for you. Take extra time to type up very good description (about 100-200 words) and good reviews for each product (about 200-300 words.) As I’ve stated above, put in the extra time to create your website with lots of great information. Give your readers something they cannot find anywhere else.

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Have you had any previous experience with any Amazon affiliate builder software? Let us know below about your experience.