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Author: journous

How To Start A Gaming YouTube Channel

  Have you seen those video gaming videos on YouTube? Guess what, you can get paid for posting your video game recordings online. This can sound a bit far fetched “get paid for playing video games”, but it’s the reality of a YouTube business. If you are great at playing video games, have some special content you can share with you followers (such as customizations), or just like to narrate your video gaming walkthroughs, then you can make a living by posting video game videos to YouTube. How To Start A YouTube Channel For Gaming Recording Your Videos For...

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Why It’s A Bad Idea To Buy Website Traffic

  This post will focus on purchasing website traffic and why you shouldn’t waste your time nor money to buy it. Now I am not talking about purchasing through AdSense or advertising on Facebook (more on this at the bottom of this article.) When I first started creating websites and was very new to the marketing game, I started researching how to get more eyes on my blog. I came across a few websites that advertised paid traffic. They promised to send thousands of views to my website for only $25. That sounded amazing at first. I actually fell...

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Free Image Frame Mockup – Eiffel Tower With Gold For Etsy Store PSD Download

Do you have an Etsy store and need to showcase your images in a frame? Today we are giving away a free black frame with Eiffel Tower and gold mockup, that you can use for your store or any other personal needs.     For Personal Use ONLY What you can do: Use for your Etsy store to showcase your work Use for personal printouts (no more than 5000 copies printed)   What you CANNOT do: Giveaway this mockup file as PSD (workable file) alone or as part of a package Sell this mockup alone or as part of a...

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Inspirational Image Quote For Success – Wherever You Are Be All There

An interesting part of success (or failure for that matter) is when we focus on something, things start happening. If you are doing something, put your full intention and your full focus on your goal. Whether it’s success in business, in family life, in school, or in your hobbies; pay close attention to everything that you are doing in the moment. When we are unfocused, it’s so easy to let other things distract us from our goals. We are bombarded by so much information on daily basis that we have to pick and choose what we do. For example,...

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Amazon Affiliate Percentage Payout Schedule Charts

  Are you thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate or already advertising their products on your website? Before you write another article or post another product, check out these charts.   Amazon Affiliate Advertising Fee Rates A lot of people don’t make much money being an Amazon affiliate simply because they do not advertise the right product types. For example, if you take a look below, video game console products will always pay you 1% fee rate, while Amazon Fire TV and Echo will always pay you 7% fee rate. Before advertising, make sure to take a look at...

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