why it's a bad idea to buy website traffic


This post will focus on purchasing website traffic and why you shouldn’t waste your time nor money to buy it. Now I am not talking about purchasing through AdSense or advertising on Facebook (more on this at the bottom of this article.)

When I first started creating websites and was very new to the marketing game, I started researching how to get more eyes on my blog. I came across a few websites that advertised paid traffic. They promised to send thousands of views to my website for only $25. That sounded amazing at first. I actually fell for it and spent my money on such an amazing opportunity.


Buying Website Traffic Will Ruin Your Website

Back in the day, any traffic to a website would increase ranking in search engines. It would simply show that your website is awesome and everyone needs to go check it out. Today, it’s a different story.

Traffic that comes from shady sources can actually ruin your ranking in Google and in other search engines. If you are trying to purchase views to your website, please make sure to dig deep into the company. By shady sources I mean that either bots will be visiting your website, but no actual people are looking at your posts or people who have no interest in your product are being dropped through various links.

We know that there are plenty of software that can send bots to your site. That doesn’t even do anything for you because you are not dealing with people. Bots can’t click on your links or read your information. Same thing goes for people who don’t care about your product. They will land on your website and quickly click off because you are wasting their time.

In Google’s eyes, this is a big no no!!! If you have a lot of people or bots visiting your website and quickly leaving, Google can actually sandbox your website. This means that it deems your website useless and will not rank any of your posts or pages.

This is actually what I quickly found out. My site, couldn’t rank in the first 20 pages of Google, no matter how great my content was. I had to delete that website, create a new domain name and start from scratch.

Lesson learned: do not waste your money on shady marketing.


How To Effectively Buy Website Traffic

1. There are ways of buying website traffic effectively. Google is great with Adwords. You can easily advertise your posts and pages by giving Google your money. The price can vary on your keywords and how much traffic is out there for such keywords. You can do a quick research on what people are searching for at Google Keyword Planner Tool.

If you don’t know how Adwords works, then you can check out this book.


2. My absolutely favorite traffic is from Facebook. A lot of people trust Facebook, this means that they will likely click on an advertisement which leads to your website.

Facebook traffic also can cost a little or can cost a lot. They key here, once again, is to research your audience that is likely to click on your advertisement and buy something.

Facebook paid traffic cost depends on the following things:

  • How attractive your Facebook Ad: the more attractive it is, the more people will click
  • How effective and precise your description is: basically short and sweet, to include an action you want them to take
  • Targeting the right audience: If you target the wrong audience, you will either get no clicks or you will get clicks, but they will cost you an arm and a leg.

If you want more information on how to effectively advertise on Facebook, then I would recommend this book.