If you are using the Divi WordPress theme made by Elegant Themes, then you probably noticed that the footer has a pretty annoying message “Designed by/Powered by.”

This message can look pretty unprofessional, plus it take up valuable space which can be used either for a link or to display copyright information. Take a look at the footer on this page. One of the first things I did was to change that ugly message to a personalized copyright information.

how to change divi footer to personalized text

Follow quick steps below to change your Divi footer:

1. On the left sidebar (at the bottom), hover over or click on “Divi”


change divi footer text


2. Next, click on “Theme Customizer”


change divi footer to a custom text


3. A new menu will pop up with lots of different customization options.

You will need to click on “Footer” and then “Bottom Bar”



how to change divi footer from powered by


4. Lastly, you can either turn the “powered by” message off by checking the “disable footer credits” or you can keep the credits enabled and simply type in your custom text.


disable divi footer credit text

That’s all! You are done. Now, make sure to save your changed and head to your website to check how your new custom text looks.