How To Quickly Come Up With A Blog Name For Your New Website


You’ve researched your niche and are excited to start up a blog about something you are excited about. Next step is to come up with a blog name. In this article we will discuss how to come up with a blog name for your new website.

1. Create A Blog Name That Includes Your Interest

The easiest way is to create a blog name that includes the subject that you are going to be blogging about. For example, if you are blogging about toys, then you can name your blog something like KidsPlayCorner. This title suggest that the site has to do something with kids and things they play with.

2. Come Up With A Creative Word For Your Brand

If words related to your niche are kind of boring or simply won’t work, then you can create your own brand. If you think of big brands like Nike and Reebok, their names don’t have anything to do with the product they sell. They may be someone’s name, a mashup of words, and even acronyms.

This the of this site is Journous. During creation process of a brand we wanted to reflect a word journey, or someone who is open to a journey. It’s not a word found in a dictionary, but you can see how it reflects something that people can relate to.


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3. Use A Brand Name Generator

If you are still stuck and not sure what to name your website, then you can use a brand name generator. All of these are completely free to use.

Shopify has an awesome Brand Name Generator that can help you come up with a few creative ideas. All you have to do is punch in a word and it will spit out a bunch of word combinations.

LeanDomain is a similar Blog Name Generator. Here you can specify if you want the name to start with, contain, or end with your word or a partial word.

NameMesh is anotehr awesome Startup Brand Name Generator which actually meshes multiple words up and comes up with a unique brand. What’s great is that it also pulls up  available domain names for all of the suggested blog/brand names. This will definitely cut your work in half because you will quickly see if you can grab that domain name without any further research.


Now that I showed you how to quickly come up with a blog name for your site, it should be a breeze (and even fun!)