How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom Online


Hi fellow mom! You probably landed on my blog because you are researching how to make money as a stay at home mom online (of course that’s what the title says… )

Did you know that most stay at home moms research this very subject? Whether or not they dive into earning money online, most moms who stay at home want to earn extra spending cash. Some want to earn just a little bit to cover the cost of groceries, while others want to earn a lot to help out with family bills such as a house mortgage.

Both of these options and anything in between can be done online. The internet is an amazing tool that stay at home moms can use to create extra income to support their families. Soon enough, you will be called a Work At Home Mom (and that’s a pretty awesome promotion.)

1. Earn Income By Writing Articles

If you are good at writing articles, but not ready to create your own blog yet, then you can sell your skill. People all over the web are looking for someone to write articles on their specific subject matter. For example, someone who is running a dog care blog may be looking to purchase an article that talks about dog grooming.

Websites like and are platforms through which you can get hired to do different freelance tasks. Many tasks which are posted there are for to write blog posts and articles.

You can utilize these websites to find other opportunities as well, such as selling videos, designs, virtual assistants, and more.



2. Earn Income By Marketing A Specific Product

I’m sure you have heard of companies such as Avon and Herbalife. You can always earn an income by marketing a product that you do not create yourself. The way this works is by creating account with a company of your choice and then utilizing their tools to share the product with others. Most of the network marketing companies today have online tools which you can use to quickly sign people up without actually buying a bunch of products to store at your house.


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3. Earn Extra Cash By Blogging

Yes! Blogging does pay. I am getting paid right now because you are reading this blog. How cool is that?? You probably didn’t even know that I am getting paid as we speak. What’s great is that you don’t have to give me cash out of your own pocket, but this transaction is still happening.

Bloggers are paid by advertising. As you can see, there are ads in this article and on the sidebar. Some advertisers pay for readers to view the articles (which is called impressions), and some pay for article clicks. If you click on any of the articles (whether you buy something or not), I am likely to get paid. Pretty neat huh?

4. Create A Stream Of Income By Selling Your Own Digital Product

Many people may not be familiar with what a digital product is, but it’s pretty simple. I’m sure you have read or at least heard of ebooks. Ebooks are not physical, they only exist in the cyber space. Creating a digital product doesn’t take a long time (unless you are writing a novel.) People sell ebooks on many different subject: from weigh loss to how to earn money online. If you go to Amazon and search for an ebook on making money online, you are likely to run into this ebook: How To Make Money Online: The Ultimate Passive Income Blueprint.

Most people would quickly grab it because it only costs $2.99 and it’s getting a 5 star review. Information is king; especially when this information can help someone else achieve their goals.

If you are an expert at a subject matter, then you can create an ebook within a week and start selling it on Amazon.

5. Become An Affiliate

Being an affiliate can bring a huge residual income. It simply means that you advertise products that other companies are already making and selling.

For example, do you like crafts? There are a lot of companies that sell craft supplies which you can become an affiliate for. Next, you would create a blog and write about your favorite things, even showcase your own crafty creations. By simply placing links (text or image links) to stores on your websites, you will be compensated by the store where you send your readers to.

Did you notice a link above that points to the ebook and Amazon? Did you click on any of them or were you at least tempted to find out where they lead to? Human beings have very curious minds. They like to click on pictures and links. Most of the links on the internet today are connected to an affiliate. Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate companies out there (which is awesome because they sell everything from office accessories to baby items to electronics.)

Main Affiliate companies to check out: 

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • ShareASale
  • CommissionJunction (CJ)


Now you should know how to make money as a stay at home mom online, next step is to figure out exactly which route you would like to take before you get started.