How To Sell Art Online


Have you ever heard the phrase “the starving artist”? My parents said that phrase every time someone declared that they will become an artist when they grow up.

Although it might have been the truth back then, today, artists can create a great living utilizing their art skills online. I’ve personally created a good residual income by selling my designs, and in this article, I will share how to sell art online.

Which Type Of Art Sells Online

When we are talking about art, we all have different understandings of what that is. For some people, art is something that takes a long time to create, while for others, doodles and quick graphic designs are art. The great thing is that any type of art can be sold online.

Logos:  Today, more and more need to create their own identity. This means that every business will need a logo. Logos can sell anywhere from $5 to $100 and even more. Your price will depend on who you are selling to.

Simple Digital Designs: Simple digital designs are great for clothing and accessories. Some of these designs may just have typography, while others may contain other types of artistic imagery. This type of art is great for selling mugs, magnets, t-shirts, posters, and more. Depending on the product, you can make anywhere from 5 cents to a $100 per sale.

Paintings/Drawings: Beautiful paintings and drawings are usually not found on items above (although, people might love to purchase a mug or a magnet with a beautiful painting.) These types of images are likely to be sold on posters, canvases and more. You will find that selling this type of art can create a very high income; some artists online charge $100 to $1000 per image.

Banners: Since many businesses are creating their own websites, they may have a need for banners or other images. Banners can be sold anywhere from $5 to $100 (depending on who you are selling to.)

Stock Images: These types of images have a variety of application. Many bloggers buy stock images to use in their blog posts. These images can be photography, graphic design, and more. A stock image usually pay from a few cents to a dollar so they key is to create a large library of images for sale.

Scrapbooking/Crafts: There is a high demand of scrapbooking or crafting images. Depending on the type of art, they can be sold for $2 to $20. Keep in mind that crafting does not only include .jpg and .pdf images but extend to .svg, .studio and other types of files that are mainly used by crafting community.

Where To Sell Your Art Online

After you figure out which type of art, you would like to sell, take a look at all of these places online to place your artwork. Some places can be better than others for different types of art. Experiment with each to see what fits your home business best.

Print On Demand Companies Online

These are my top choices for print on demand companies based on their commissions, great marketing, Google rankings, buyers’ trust, and more. I personally sell at all of these stores and love it.


ZazzleZazzle is a great place to start. You can open up a storefront for free and set your own commission (15-20% is the usual.) Here, you will be able to sell you art on items such as magnets, mugs, tshirts, poster, canvases, shoes, iphone covers, and so much more. Zazzle keeps adding new items to their list weekly, so there’s always something to add.

SpreadshirtAnother great store that is free to sign up for and easy to use. It mostly focuses on shirts and apparel but has other items such as mugs, buttons, and more.

RedBubble: This store focuses more on the paintings and intricate design work vs just simple typography or imagery (though you can still sell simple designs here too). Take a look at this store to see what types of designs do well. This store offers shirts, posters, greeting cards, and so much more.

DesignByHumans: Also a great choice to add your artwork. This store offers tees, posters and canvases, mugs, stickers, and more.

FineArtAmerica: This store focuses on fine art (as the name suggests) and home decor. You may want to create an account at (which is a sister site) where you can add your images to items such as t-shirts, phone cases, and more.


Crafty Stores Online

A lot of art is being sold at crafty stores such as Etsy and Artfire. Both of these stores are great. Make sure to ready through their rules and follow all of the instructions. These stores charge a listing price and partial commission.

Etsy: charges 20 cents per listing plus 3.5% for any product sold.

Artfire: has different types of memberships; check out their pricing here.


Ebay And Amazon

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ebay and Amazon. You can sell your artwork on both of these platforms. Though they may not get as much traffic, some sales may be possible. Amazon recently opened up Handmade at Amazon which can greatly increase traffic to your artistic projects.

Your Personal Website

Another great way to sell your artwork is on your personal website. Although other stores can help you drive instant traffic, selling on your personal website is great because you get to keep 100% commission.

You can set your own rules, create your own image, and promote your personal brand.

Things to keep in mind:

You will need to do a lot of marketing to drive traffic to your store and you will need to find a printing company or print your artwork yourself, ship it to your customers (unless it’s downloadable), and take care of all the logistics.

How To Sell Art Online

Now that you know what type of art to sell and where to sell it, let’s talk about how to sell it.


The More The Better

In most cases, your artwork will sell better if you add a lot of products and images to your stores. When I first started selling and had only a few items in my Zazzle store, I had one sale per month (if that). I was pretty disappointed and thought about quitting. By adding more items to my one store (at that time), I realized that the more I added, the more would sell.

Buyers love to see a big array of products and options. They will also jump from item to items to see what else you may have in your store. Even if they are looking for only one particular product, something else may catch their eye.


Take great pictures of your products

Get yourself a great camera to take beautiful pictures of your products. This may not apply to stores that print items on demand, but if you are running an Etsy store or selling on your personal website, then these images will determine if someone will buy or not.

Buyers are likely to buy a product based on its images than based on its description.


Type up a great description and use tags 

A great description will also help in all types of stores. People love to read a story or how a product can help them in their lives. Do not focus on yourself, but instead, focus on how your product will help them solve their problems. Use the proper tags and do not spam. Be descriptive in your tags, so your buyers land on products that they are searching for.


Play Around With Prices

Your prices do not have to be set in stone. Sometimes you will find that a product may sell more for a cheaper price, while other products may sell more for a higher price.