how to start a gaming youtube channel


Have you seen those video gaming videos on YouTube? Guess what, you can get paid for posting your video game recordings online.

This can sound a bit far fetched “get paid for playing video games”, but it’s the reality of a YouTube business. If you are great at playing video games, have some special content you can share with you followers (such as customizations), or just like to narrate your video gaming walkthroughs, then you can make a living by posting video game videos to YouTube.

How To Start A YouTube Channel For Gaming

Recording Your Videos For A Gaming Channel:

If you are not sure about how to become a YouTube gamer, don’t worry, it’s not that hard. You will obviously need a gaming system and a way to record your videos.

The easiest way to record videos on most systems today is by using a Twitch app. You will also need to create your account at the Twitch website.

Next, simply play your game while the Twitch app is open. You will need to go through all of the settings (such as file name, record voice or mute, and then press start recording.)

The great part about Twitch is that your video is not limited to a specific time (such as an internal XBox One recording ability). You can record an hour or even more of gameplay!

Once you’ve made a recording, you can find it on the Twitch website to preview. To actually download your video (so you can edit it), go to NightDev. You will have to link your NightDev and Twitch accounts, so your videos should pull up automatically.

* Keep in mind that Twitch only keeps videos for about a week. If you don’t download it within a specific period of time, your video will disappear. Our suggestion is to download it as soon as you record it.



As of lately, it’s become very clear that NightDev does not function as it should be (we are hoping that this issue will be fixed soon!)

Another method to grab your videos from Twitch is to Export from Twitch straight to your Youtube channel. ( We suggest creating a channel just for that purpose so that your real channel does not show unedited videos .. unless it’s intended to be posted that way.)

Once you export your video, you will be able to download your video from YouTube. You can quickly do a search on how to download videos or you can use 4K Video Downloaded software.

Make sure when you are exporting your videos to YouTube, you set them up as public (we’ve tried private videos, but the above software, nor any other websites were able to download private videos.)

Let us know below if you’ve found another way around the NightDev issues.



Creating Your Gaming YouTube Channel

Once you have a few videos recorded, you can create a gaming Youtube channel. You will simply go to Youtube and follow instructions to create a channel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You will need to create a cool and attractive banner and logo. The first look is everything. To figure out what kind of banner to make, check out a few gaming channels you like and see what you don’t like or not like about their banners. If you have Photoshop or a similar program, you can create your own banner. If you are not sure how to create images, then you can check out the Fiverr website and get a banner for about 5 bucks.

2. Next, upload your videos. Make sure that your Title, Description, and tags are all filled in. This is how people will find your videos. Sure, you can share them on social media, but organic traffic is much better. You want Google to deliver views for free.

We wrote an article about keyword research, so make sure to check it out. To make your channel known, you will want to get a lot of views, likes, and subscriptions.

3. If you want to monetize your videos, then make sure to sign up for Adsense (right through your YouTube channel.) Once you are approved, you will need to turn on your monetization for each video. You’ve probably seen those full-screen ads, or ads at the bottom of videos. The more people see them and click on them, the more your channel will get paid.

YouTube Equipment For Gaming

The above instructions are great to record gameplay (without your voice.) If you want to record your voice and do awesome video editing, then check out recommended equipment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your equipment, but if you are creating your gaming YouTube channel as a business and not as a hobby, then you should probably invest a little bit of money to get quality sound and more.