Did you hear someone mention residual income and now wondering how to make residual income from home? Do you feel like you are missing out on something?

Why is this term not really mainstream? Why doesn’t everyone do it or knows about it? Well, we are simply not taught to earn a residual income.


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How To Make Residual Income From Home

The problem is that most people feel like they have to go to work, work the hours, and then get paid for those hours.

Why do we feel like that’s the only way to early an “honest” living? Well, because most of us are raised to go to school, listen to adults, get a good job, and hopefully not settle for something we hate doing.

A lot of people have a misconception. They feel like residual income is some shady way of making a living. On contrary, most residual income opportunities earn honest money.

For example: An artist creates a music album one time. This album now hits the stores, radio, etc. This artist worked one time, but now will get an income coming in for years to come (of course the way an artist gets paid is also dependent on how the contract is drafted.)

As you can see, everyone can make something that can be sold over and over again. Thanks to the growing technology and discovery of the internet, even teenagers can grasp the idea of how the residual income works so they do not have to struggle at jobs they despise. It truly is changing the way people are doing things and earning their living.

Ok, now that you understand what a residual income is (and how great it can be to get paid over and over again for work you do one time), let’s take a look at the different options you can do to earn a residual income.

1. A Direct Sales Network Marketing Business

You are probably familiar with different types of direct sales. These companies allow people to distribute and advertise the products and in return they pay them a commission.

There are plenty of direct sales companies to choose from ranging in products such as health and fitness to make up and accessories.

The way direct sales companies help people create a residual income is by utilizing multi-level-marketing (MLM). Basically you will sign up under your sponsor and then someone else will sign up under you. The more people in your organization, the more profit you will make.

Now, you may say, “Wait a minute! Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?” Let’s get the myths out of the way. MLM companies are legal and do not scheme anyone. They have a real product and real users who buy products on monthly basis. On the other hand a pyramid scheme is an organization that does not sell a physical product and may scheme people out of their money.

Before paying into any direct sales business, make sure to do your research, so you can learn whether or not a company is best fir for you.


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2. Create Digital Art To Sell

Digital art can be anything from a photograph to digital design created in Illustrator. Digital art makes for a great residual income because you only have to create it one time and then can sell the same item over and over again.

Selling digital art online can be confusing at first, but once you know where to sell it, it’s not that hard.

Sell Your Art On Stock Image Websites

These websites allow artists from all over the world to submit their digital photographs, or digital images and place them for sale. Once someone purchases your images, you will get paid and the site will get a cut. Each site has it’s own set of rules and images which they are looking for. Most of them will ask you to submit about 10 samples of you work before you are approved.

My top 3 favorite stock sites are:




Sell Your Digital Art On Clothing And Accessories

You can also sell your digital art on clothing or accessories. Making each individual shirt or iPhone case will to turn into a residual income (since you will have to be making items over and over again.) To make a residual income with your art, you have to open up a store websites which print, ship, and deal with all of the customers.

Basically, all you do is supply your image to the company and they do the rest of the work. Of course you won’t be making the full amount that a product is sold for (you have to take into consideration item cost, printing cost, shipping cost, and the cost of the company keeps for itself), but many companies allow you to set your own commission. I suggest 5%-20% (or up to $7 per item, higher amount can be charged for art prints.)

My top 3 favorite stores:




Create Your Own Digital Art Package For Sale

Many people simply create their own packages or photographs or sets of graphics for sale. You will be able to keep all of the income if you use this method. The only drawback is that you will have to do a lot of marketing to get people to your website/blog where you sale is at.

Nonetheless this is a great option because once you create all of the images, you can sell it over and over again to new people who are looking for what you have to offer them.


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3. Create Ebook For Sale

Everyone buys ebooks now-a-days. Most of them cost very little, so people don’t mind spending $1-$10 per ebook. Although there is not much income per sale, when many people buy your ebook, the income can be great. Once you are done with one ebook, you can create 2 or more to increase your residual income exponentially.

Think it’s too technical? This book shows exactly how to write an ebook that people will love. You don’t need to have some kind of a writer’s degree.


How To Write A NonFiction eBook In 21 Days That Readers Will Love

4. Create A Youtube Account

Most people don’t think of YouTube when they think residual income. Did you know that when viewers see ads inside of a Youtube Video, the creator is likely getting paid? Imagine having a YouTube channel with lots of subscribers and many views. Since each video is only created once, you can work on new videos while the original videos still earn income day after day. Pretty cool huh?

Types Of YouTube Videos To Make:

How To Videos

Review Videos

Funny Videos

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Video Gaming Videos

Unboxing Videos

Drawing Videos

Fan Videos

5. Create A Monetized Blog

Last, but definite not least, create a monetized blog. Why do I mention monetized? Many people create a blog and even get plenty of traffic, but they do not monetize it well. Blog that’s not monetized cannot possibly create a good residual income.

Your blog should be very informative. People are not looking for a few sentences. They want to learn something new (or at least attempt not to get distracted while reading something on the internet.) A longer blog will keep reader on a page longer, which means that Google is likely to give you Kudos and push your rate your blog higher than other blogs that have a high bounce rate (basically when a reader leaves your site quickly.)

What To Blog About:


How To’s





Product Reviews




Now that you know how to make residual income from home, which of these ideas resonate with you?